"I do not desire mediocre love. I want to drown in someone."

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The Desire to Squeeze and Hug Cute Things Comes From the Same Place In Your Brain As Aggression


Have you ever seen a puppy walking down the street that was so cute it compelled you to go down on your knees to squeeze it? Or a baby so adorable you were forced to pinch its cheek and squeal “you’re so cute I could just eat you right up”? These are both examples of average reactions to what is universally deemed as cute, however it is plain to see that there is some underlying aggression to these actions, i.e. squeezing, pinching, and vocal desires of flesh consumption.

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Multitasking: A Waste of Time


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Texting and walking. Listening to music and studying. E-mailing and taking notes during class.

When you try to accomplish two dissimilar tasks, your brain just can’t take it.

Simultaneously, two separate tasks require attention and analysis, and your brain can’t process these fast enough to efficiently encode them into your short-term memory.

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